Crafting the contemporary for the long run

Wellness is a creative company with a fascination for what was, a curiosity for what is next, and an intention to not get too distracted by the now. We value the importance of taking time and reflecting, balancing logic and intuition to create a synergy between strategy and design. Our holistic approach helps businesses define their culture, set themselves apart, and build long-lasting, distinctive brands.

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In this time of remarkable transformation, we take the time to develop thorough strategies, identities and campaigns deeply rooted in a brand’s narrative. We work with clients that want to create new horizons, not just optimise the present; institutions that want to amplify the core value of their brand; and founders that foster craftsmanship and clear thinking. Motivated by a determination to surpass standards, we aim for the space where the heart meets the head.


We help define and shape our clients’ external and internal culture. Through implementation and organisational development, we ensure internal empowerment and continuity of the people behind the brand. We work closely together to build a desirable brand that is long-lasting and capable of engaging deeply with the world around it.

We drive ideas from inception to launch to ensure brands thrive in the long run. 

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creative direction, concept development, art direction, identity systems, graphic design, type design, animation, editorial design, UX design, brand positioning, brand strategy, digital strategy, marketing strategy, loyalty strategy, research, campaign management, organisational development, employer branding, leadership and cultural change management.

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